piątek, 16 listopada 2012

Hi there

I haven't written anything for a long time. The truth is that I don't work anymore as an English teacher in that particulr school. My mail (which was on the right) doesn't work for about 6 months, it's not my fault, but still I'm sorry. So if you sent me any message and I didn't answer please do it again but as a comment on the blog. I would like to thank all my students as this job was really motivating and I also could learn something new from you. I really loved to work with you and to show how English language can open many doors. Thank you for everything and take care :) Your previous English teacher.

czwartek, 29 marca 2012

Rozwiązanie konkursu plastycznego "W magicznym świecie Harry'ego Pottera"

22.03.2012 w naszej szkole rozwiązaliśmy konkurs plastyczny, poniżej prezentuję dyplomy zwycięzców :)

wtorek, 13 marca 2012

Konkurs plastyczny "W magicznym świecie Harrego Pottera"

Przedstawiam Wam prace, które zakwalifikowały się do konkursu plastycznego. Wszystkie prace można obejrzeć w szkolnej bibliotece. Wszystkim uczestnikom konkursu serdecznie gratuluję talentu :)

wtorek, 28 lutego 2012


Here are two sites with lots of examples of inventions and discoveries. You can find out who was the inventor or discoverer and when was it discovered/ invented. I hope you'll find some nice info about the things/places you know from your daily life :)


poniedziałek, 13 lutego 2012

Thank you :)

More than 10 000 visitors. Thank you very much :)

niedziela, 22 stycznia 2012

The joy of books

I have found this nice video and I share it with you.

środa, 18 stycznia 2012

Past Simple & Past Perfect

Here are very usefull webpages:
1) Tłumaczenia angielski
2) Translations 4 the web
3) Exercises
4) Ego4U at the bottom there are a lot of exercises (please look at them)
5) Aling.pl
6) Timelines in doc file
7) Timelines

And finally something with all the tenses and aspects is HERE

wtorek, 10 stycznia 2012

Come fly with me - TV series

HI :)
Here are the links where you can find information about "Come fly with me".
Here and here , the photo comes from here.

Enjoy the series and see you :)

wtorek, 3 stycznia 2012

Zdania w PRESENT PERFECT dla 2A & 2B

Narysujcie timelines do zdań, tak jak robiliśmy na lekcjach.
1. Mary has left the buildings
2. She has just arrived.
3. I have lived in London since 1998.
4. Liz has closed the door.
5. You have drunk three coffees today!
6. The bus has just left.
7. I have read two books this month.
8. They have studied History.
9. She has taken my bike!
10. He has just changed his clothes.

TUTAJ są przykładowe timelines.

TUTAJ znajdują się slajdy wyjaśniające czas present perfect.